Ne-Yo Records ‘Incredible’ Duet with Celine Dion

Ne-Yo and Celine Dion

Ne-Yo has worked with pop’s biggest divas including Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Now he teams up with Celine Dion on their duet “Incredible” for the Canadian singer’s upcoming album Loved Me Back to Life, due November 5.

The two hit the Palms studio in Las Vegas to record (Celine’s son René-Charles is also a big Ne-Yo fan).

Celine belts out the Ne-Yo-penned lyrics on the empowering record, described as a “theme song for that moment when you do something that defines who you are or defines a moment in time.”

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to sing with Celine Dion, but it is not an easy thing,” said Ne-Yo, who previously worked with her on 2007′s “I Got Nothin’ Left.” “It’s the most irrelevant that I’ve ever felt. Because the size of Celine Dion’s voice, you don’t need me there.”

Celine returned the compliment. “I love the song. I admire you and I’m privileged to have this song,” she told Ne-Yo.

Go behind the scenes of their “Incredible” collabo below.

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  1. Kelv

    Felt so inspired after watching this. Great song incredible


    Lisa Reply:

    Happy birthday Ciara!
    The best dancer ever!


  2. Sushi

    O_O Oh MY GOD! This is epic. Two different generation in studios???


  3. Red

    Ne-Yo is still trying? Dude you fell off.


    Truth Hurts Reply:

    @Red, How u gonna hate on this? You better get your life together. Dude writes songs for your favorite artists he doesnt even need to release another album hes caked for the rest of his life.


  4. Beyonce

    wish she would do that collabo with Usher this would be sooooooo amazing!


  5. This Dude

    Say what you want about Ne-Yo but this dude out here WORKING with legends TLC and Celine Dion.. Can’t beat that..


  6. dodo

    Its safe to say dude fell off..

    peep the sandals..


    Quest Reply:

    @dodo, LOL, Celine Dion is a legend. Ne-Yo doesn’t have to confine himself to R&B music just because he’s black.


  7. Maira Sweet



  8. Mickey

    Sandals and socks.Wow.


  9. Channel_ROMAN

    Must be how Mariah felt when she met Celine.


  10. Manny

    The song is amazing! It has #1 written all over it. Too bad American radio stations will snub her like they did with Loved Me Back to Life. Either way, this song shows Celine hasn’t lost her power one bit. Bravo, Ne-Yo.


  11. freddy

    c’est tres amusant et incroyable oui,,, Celline Dion possede un Coeur d’amour divine qui n’est pas comme d’autre generation s’ils se croient avances n’ont plus l’amabilite de colaborer avec les colegues du bas niveau… felicitation ma belle chanteuse, j’aime toujour vos travail, keep-it-up supper woman


  12. Gianna

    Ne-Yo, You’re better with sexy girl


  13. Zainab Sajid

    In my opinion, their collab is fantastic! :) I loved their duet song “Incredible”. Both are awesome and talented singers! :) ^_^


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