New Music: Kat Dahlia – ‘Say Something’

Say Something

Kat Dahlia showed us her grittiness on “Gangsta” and unleashed her inner freak on the Salaam Remi-produced “Clocks.” Now the Miami singer puts her raw talent on display with her simple, yet stirring cover of A Great Big World’s piano ballad “Say Something.” She loved the song so much that she decided to record her own version.

“This song deserves a Grammy …. Had to cover it,” tweeted Kat, whose debut My Garden is due early next year.

Meanwhile, pop diva Christina Aguilera has also recorded her own version of the song, which she performed live with the New York duo on “The Voice.”

Who sang it best? Listen to both ladies’ versions below.

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  1. Tonya

    Christina’s voice is gorgeous when she tones it down.


  2. JFB

    Christina Aguilera is 1 of the greatest voice of ALL TIMES !!!!! Point. Blank. Period


  3. Sushi

    I like the one with Aguilera in it. Not cuz I’m a fan. It’s just.. more powerful, in my opinion.


  4. Caesar Live N Loud

    Stunning cover!!


  5. meri

    I love Kats better for her voice. plus she sings it with the emotion, feeling. as if she’s right infront of Him or a friend.


  6. lolo

    KAT DAHLIA! her voice gives me chills, it’s like one of a kind and it sounds real.


  7. Marcus

    I think Kat did a great job and I love it.. but tonewise Christina wins. She has one of the best and unique tones in the world when she isn’t straining. And no one can deny Aguilera’s emotion ever. But I think Aguilera takes the cake.


  8. benja

    sin duada kat dahlia lo hizo mucho mejor great job


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