Album Cover: R. Kelly – ‘Black Panties’

Black Panties

Let the baby making begin. R. Kelly sets the seductive mood with the provocative covers for his album Black Panties. The standard edition shows the masked singer playing a violin on a topless woman’s body. He ups the ante on the deluxe, lying in a pile of ladies, who are wearing nothing but black panties.

The follow-up to 2012′s Write Me Back has already spawned the singles “My Story” featuring 2 Chainz, “Genius,” and “Cookie.”

“I’m on a Benjamin Button-type of mission right now,” Kellz told Fuse. “I’m going back to the old school R. Kelly days where he did the 12 Play, the sexual songs mixed with the hip-hop songs.”

The Black Panties come off on Dec. 10. See the deluxe artwork below.

Black Panties


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  1. Miszi

    I like the regular cover more, but both are really really good. The deluxe one reminds me off music video for “Naked” by Kevin McCall, there is simmilar scene.


  2. Concerned

    How old is that girl in the album cover?


    Oh Boyyy Reply:

    @Concerned, u stupid lmfao haha… i wonder?


  3. Blk Panties off

    Doin It “R” —Prefecto—


  4. Cassive Brewster

    Hope those girls are all over the age of 18, I’m only joking, I’m a fan of R. Kelly LOL

    Looks like the Pied Piper’s back! I prefer the 2nd cover, the woman violin one is just stupid


  5. D. kells

    The KING OF R&B I am waiting patiently for this album I’ve been a die hard fan of his music since I first heard it in my house with my mom. And these two album covers are cool I prefer the first cover but the 2nd goes with the name Black Panties. But any way I’m buying the deluxe album and waiting to hear some more classic Kells.

    25 years in the game King Of R&B! What’s R&B without the R.


  6. Ready 4 da YOlas

    Can’t wait to hear new music from him


  7. ncmamacita

    That girl on the cover looks 12!


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