Video: T-Pain f/ B.o.B – ‘Up Down (Do This All Day)’

B.o.B and T-Pain

T-Pain had Rihanna twerking to his single. Now he debuts the video for his strip club anthem “Up Down (Do This All Day)” featuring B.o.B. The Tallahassee singer takes it back to the early ’90s in the retro clip. He trades his dreadlocks for a hi-top fade and sports a Motorola two-way pager while throwing a ratchet backyard party.

B.o.B pulls up in a truck to deliver some women, who twerk on top of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, T-Pain kicks it with Tyrese and even shows off some of his comical dance moves.

Hit the block with Pain and friends.

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  1. new boy

    That was fun


    ChevyQueenPooh Reply:

    @new boy, yes it was


  2. Niiiice

    I love this song (thanks to rih)! Glad to see T-pain back doing what he does best. I miss the dreads tho lol but cool video with a touch of 90′s.


  3. saio

    fuck the “future”, pain is the king of autotune


    vih in the House Reply:

    @saio, Yess man!!


    ewr Reply:

    @saio, funny how when jay z made DOA you and all the other fake new-old t-pain fans were praying to t pain to disappear. now you fronting hard just to spite future. you’re lame af


  4. 2bad2bme

    Rihanna put T-Pain back on after Jay-Z took him off lmao…#DOA


  5. ChevyQueenPooh

    I live T Pain’s music cuz he is so cool and funny. When i heard that he was shooting a video at my brother’s house i was so excited. It was a pleasure to be able to have Moma D and Shay drive my car (pink chevy) during the video. Thanks T Pain and love ya…


  6. Raven-Symone

    Not even Rihanna can save this has been.


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