New Music: Sevyn Streeter – ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ EP

Call Me Crazy, But...

Christmas comes early for Sevyn Streeter fans. The R&B singer-songwriter’s debut EP is now available to stream in full via

After penning hits for everyone from Ariana Grande to Tamar Braxton, the 27-year-old Florida native serves up seven sultry tracks including the Chris Brown-assisted single “It Won’t Stop.”

“It’s basically just talking about the cycle of a relationship: the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly,” she told Power 98.

Take a listen to Sevyn’s EP before it arrives on December 3. Plus, watch the video teaser for “Sex on the Ceiling.”

Call Me Crazy, But… Tracklisting

1. “Come On Over”
2. “It Won’t Stop” feat. Chris Brown
3. “Sex on the Ceiling”
4. “Call Me Crazy”
5. “B.A.N.S.”
6. “Shattered”
7. “nEXT”

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  1. Chyna

    Omg she slaying me! I love it.


  2. Lay

    Gas bitch do that she is so fucking dope and she is bout to take the fuck ova


  3. Val

    Yass this ep is everything


  4. yuppitsme

    Im loving everything she is putting out im going to need more songs than just 7 tracks wth


  5. Lay

    Yass sevyn do that shit my bitch is so dope she about to take the fuck ova


  6. Jenny

    Yassss do that shit sevyn my bitch is so dope she is about to take the fuck ova


    Truth Reply:

    @Jenny, yeah we see you just commented twice under 2 different names dont try to be slick


  7. OnlyChrisJ

    She’s Getting My Coins On The 3rd Don’t Play! LOL


  8. jamelisyours

    this is what the game truly been missing !!! Sevyn slayyyed all the way through !! I’m def buying :)


  9. Ice

    0_0 FIRE


  10. jstackz

    I love this lady musicially She is so Talented!! 2014 IS HER YEAR!!


  11. Tyra

    She is so popping everything she puts out is hot she is trying to make sure that the other girls in richgirl don’t have a chance lol #streetteam


    Chauncey Reply:

    @Tyra, Sevyn & Lyn were the VOICES of RichGirl. I don’t think Seyvn is spiteful towards any of them, though. Bad management & limited promo are to blame for the groups downfall.


    Kim Reply:

    @Tyra, yes she is snatching them other girls in richgirl wigs off and not giving to fucks go head sevyn with ur fine ass


  12. nwhat

    who is this using-hair-to-cover-face-so-you-cannot-really-see-my-face-cuz-it-creates-mysterious-vibe-but-in-fact-my-face-is-not-really-attractive chick?


  13. jfresh

    It’s obvious she’s been at this for a while – her songwriting/voice/technique is AMAZING! Great job on this project.


  14. Beej

    Call Me Crazy and Sex On the Ceiling are my favs. This is sick!


  15. James

    She is so beautiful and talented and I love the fact that’s she in the head lines for her music and all that other bullshit


  16. Shay

    Yes sevyn slay she is not playing no games she wants to win


  17. Toni

    Damn 7ev got her mind rite money rite ready for war cuz this ep is fucking hot #streetteam


  18. Tina

    Somebody give this girl a Grammy cuz she is slaying to Infiniti and beyond work bitch lol


  19. The Shady Truth

    Ciara out of Business!


    richie1 Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, well she been out of music hunty lol


    Ciarahusband Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, don’t u ever come for Ciara. U got the game all fucked up. Enjoy sevyn’s stream nd keep the negativity elsewhere.


  20. BAWSE

    this a hot ep!


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