Q-Tip and Rick Rubin to Produce Kanye West’s New Album

Kanye West and Q-Tip

Kanye West is calling on two veteran hitmakers for his next album. The hip-hop mogul has enlisted Q-Tip and Rick Rubin for the follow-up to Yeezus.

During an interview with Elliott Wilson for Life+Times (via HipHop-N-More), Q-Tip spilled the details. “I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, so that’s coming up,” said the G.O.O.D. Music signee.

Rubin was brought in at the last minute to fine tune Yeezus. “I’m still just a kid learning about minimalism, and he’s a master of it,” Kanye previously told The New York Times. “It’s just really such a blessing, to be able to work with him.”

In an interview with Philly’s Power 99, Kanye revealed that he was aiming to release the project next summer.

On December 12, Q-Tip will release his joint mixtape with Busta Rhymes, The Abstract and The Dragon.

He is also working on his own album The Last Zulu. “It’s coming, I’m excited about it,” said Tip.

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    NOOOOOOOO!!! Rubin makes so awful beats!!!


    samw Reply:

    @DIDLY DOO, But Kanye makes amazing songs!


  2. Abdullah

    I WANT *_*


  3. avi

    Hudson Mohawke


  4. Miszi

    Rick Rubin is probably a good choice as long as they take their time with the project. Marshal Mathers LP 2 was awesome and so was Magna Carta Holy Grail. I’m extremely dissapointed that Kanye won’t produce it all for himself though… I mean, he is a great rapper but he is even better producer.


  5. JHP

    Q-Tip producing is excellent, but as much of a legend as he is, I don’t know if I want Rick Rubin having any hand in this album. I thought Yeezus was decent and I liked MMLP2, but ultimately I’m not the biggest fan of the direction he took Kanye and Eminem on those albums. I’m cool with this I suppose, I just really hope the album doesn’t sound like Yeezus. If this sound is more MBDTF, Good Fridays, WTT, or The College Trilogy style, I will be so happy.


  6. E

    and where the fuck’s No ID Ye?!?!





  8. Sean Paul

    The whack beats off MMLP2 that Rick produced (So Far, Love Game) were okay but i doubt Kanye will allow Rick to give him those beats considering Yeezus likes to speaks his mind. I can see it already ‘You cant marginalize me to these beats Rick! You cant!”


  9. Timo

    Kanye use too be one of my favorite musians, but since the beginning of this year something changed (In A Bad Way) in my opinion. The current Kanye is arrogant, rude, temperamental, condescending & doesn’t seem happy (watch the Sway Interiew before disagreeing then google how he stormed off of stage because of the technical difficalties).

    But most of all his music has changed.
    Yeezus is garbage compared too College Dropout, Late Registration, Gruaduation & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


  10. Jackie Rayne

    Kanye, you are coming to your senses huh? I pray this new album is something I can listen to all the way to the end. I know his music will change and whatnot but the ish he has isn’t selling.


  11. jean_alchemist

    good choice


  12. PETE

    another flop


  13. PETE

    this rappers are loosing it..no more good music


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