New Music: Rick Ross f/ Jay Z – ‘Devil Is a Lie’

Devil Is a Lie

The Bawse is closing out 2013 in a big way. The MMG chief reunites with Jay Z on “Devil Is a Lie,” their second collaboration this year following “F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt.” The rap titans trade boastful bars over the horn-heavy instrumental, produced by K.E. on the Track.

King Hov addresses the Illuminati (“Devil want these ni**as hate they own kind/ Gotta be the Illuminati if a ni**a shine”), his Barneys partnership (“Brooklyn all in Barneys like we own it, bitch”), and Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse (“All these ni**as claimin’ king, but I’m still that”).

Rozay’s sixth album Mastermind was originally due December 17, but will now arrive in early 2014.

In addition to Jay Z, he has collaborated with R&B legend Bobby Womack. “I got in the studio with a few people just to do a lot of different things and it’s gonna be some dope shit,” he said of the follow-up to 2012′s God Forgives, I Don’t.

Listen to the music masterminds’ most explosive collaboration yet.

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  1. Luiz Rossetto



  2. saio

    wack & boring


    JColeLuva Reply:

    @saio, stop lookin at the mirror


    T Reply:

    @JColeLuva, LMAO that is so not funny that it is funny


  3. H

    They’re damn near perfect together. Never miss. Hov killed this.


  4. JR

    straight fire ..


  5. Go Home

    Hov been killing it this year. Best Mc ever hands down.


  6. Realistically

    This is garbage. What message are you supporting?

    Jay-Z start accumulating his fortune by selling drugs and destroying black communities. He is maintaining his fortune by selling music filled with greed, materialism, and arrogance, which is destroying the minds of black communities – but we give him a pass because he’s married to Beyonce and gives to a charity every now and then?

    We have to start holding these artists accountable. This song is garbage.


    rich Reply:

    @Realistically, shut up with your trash preach nonsense.


    Staysnatching Reply:

    @Realistically, The people who petitioned to Reebok about Rozays line, is that you?


  7. November

    Brah. We give him a pass cuz he makes good music. We give him a pass cuz he started from poverty and got caught up in things but started to correct himself as he progressed.

    The arrogance, you said is just their style of rapping. Rap needs some arrogance, if it doesn’t, it will sound like pussy shit.

    Sorry, no offense to anyway but that’s just my take on it.


  8. Old G

    Hov killed that shit. My boy still got it lol from Justin to bey, and niw ricky lol R.O.C BABY


  9. robert11boling

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  10. NMinaj

    Slaaaaayyyyyy bosses.



    The beat sucks and it’s BORING!


  12. Ice

    I love this.





  14. JColeLuva

    mastamind gonna be huge sumthin’, eh ?



    My impostor tho…


  16. Sunny California

    Too many of you are trolling this song knocks hard, these two always collaborate well together. Stop trolling and appreciate good music


  17. JR Jigga

    It’s funny how Niggas (white, brown and black people) hate. THE SONG IS DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD……………………….


  18. keedy

    We the best MMG…Rozay Is worldly


  19. Bijan

    I didnt think it was that great


  20. Bitches In Paris

    Devil want these niggas hate they own kind .
    Gotta be illuminati if a nigga shine .
    Oh we can’t be a nigga if a nigga rich ?
    Oh we gotta be the devil that’s some nigga shit .

    Hov was preaching .


    prof nnaife Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, those lines r fuckin dope!


  21. prof nnaife

    king hova…mansa musa….


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