New Music: Sage the Gemini f/ Justin Bieber & IamSu – ‘Gas Pedal (Remix)’

Gas Pedal (Remix)

Fresh off the “Wait for a Minute” video with Tyga, Justin Bieber adds some fuel to Cali rapper Sage the Gemini’s hit single “Gas Pedal,” which is nearly platinum. The pop sensation spits a verse and sings the hook, while Sage and IamSu drop some new bars.

“Gas pedal, gas pedal/ Tryna keep up like Adderall/ I ain’t even stressin’, no at all/ So presidential, I’m federal,” raps the Biebs.

Pump the gas on the remix and look for Sage’s debut Remember Me in early 2014.

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  1. Maria boo

    Love it


  2. rebecca

    oh god the world is lost


  3. Sushi

    Dear Santa,
    Please…. let Justin lose his voice.. his fans… let him go to jail… i don’t know… just ANYTHING TO STOP THIS BITCH stab hip-hops heart.

    Santa, baby, let’s be honest. We have a Vanilla Ice, we have an Eminem, and Justin Timberlake. If this is not granted.. I will talk to Jesus


    sd Reply:

    @Sushi, you will talk to your other imaginary friend?


    Seriously Reply:

    @Sushi, if you’d get a life & get ya money up dude probably wouldnt bother you so much.


    BlasterUp Reply:

    @Sushi, Call up Obama and tell him you need your health care provider to pay up for those meds to be refilled.


    Sushi Reply:

    @BlasterUp, may the power of Christ compel me


  4. FlowerPower

    You gay as hell


    Kimbo Reply:

    @FlowerPower, Lmfao


  5. BlasterUp

    Justin Bieber is everywhere it seems. This track is dope.


  6. ricky jo

    bieber killed it


  7. itsB

    The Biebs killed it…I haven’t always been all about Justin but at some point we have to give the kid credit. The new music is hot and anybody saying otherwise is lying or not listening…because your favorite rappers/artist are backing him. His delivery is expert…the content is eh but it’s good and Sage the Gemini is just representing Solano to the fullest. #707 ;)


  8. andrew j

    Props bieber good job


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