New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Wildcat’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is taking you higher this holiday season with his smoking new song. On the Drumma Boy-produced “Wildcat,” Breezy professes his love for Mary Jane, while sharing his freaky plans.

“I’ma break you down, baby/ Lick you like a swisher,” he sings.

Just last week, he released two versions of his new single “Loyal,” one which features Lil Wayne and Too $hort and the other with Weezy and French Montana. His oft-delayed album X is scheduled for release next year.

Roll up Breezy’s new joint below.

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  1. legend

    boy HELL naw.


  2. 2bad2bme

    I’m glad Beyonce came back to shake this generic a** industry up…same ol’ same ol’ trash


    meme Reply:

    @2bad2bme, funny cuz beyonce new music sounds just like this. This sound like it could be produce by the same producer of Drunk


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @meme, you need to get some prescribed Q-tips


    poe Reply:

    @meme, right beyonce shook up sales but damn sure not the music.


    Tevin Reply:

    @poe, Lies Beyonce haters tell ….


    Beat Reply:

    @meme, you sound just plain ridiculous. Stop being stupid.


    Jlinz Reply:

    @meme, go play in traffic


    Yeezus Christ Reply:

    @2bad2bme, beyonce album was trash


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Yeezus Christ, You’re not Yeezus & he definitely would not say something so retarded stfu bitch .


  3. Someone

    Nice song sound like his lastest work but wasnt he supposed to be off marijane for all his rehab stuff ? lol


    lance Reply:

    @Someone, obviously the song was recorded before rehab


  4. rio

    i cant wait till chris’s album comes out…he makes good music..i mean just google kelsnetwork


  5. H-Town, Bitchhhh

    Breezyyyyy!!! In This ishhhhhhh,, This s**t is fire!! Boommmm


  6. Dominque Barnes

    This Shit Goes Hella Hard, You Went off on this Breezy Can’t Wait For x.


  7. Dave

    he needs to come with better music, this is good, but its the typical, his last hit was “don’t think they know”. STOP RAPPING.


    will Reply:

    @Dave, Love Me and Fine China as well


  8. poe

    yea this is weak. same ol breezy


  9. wonderland19

    It feels like Chris has run out of inspiration. LOVE Chris so it makes me sad to see this guy waste his musical talents on generic topics. Weed, Girls, Sex, partying. Thats all he is talking about. Now its become redundant.
    He talks about his inspirations being Stevie Wonder and Mj but you don’t hear. Loyal, Show Me, Main Me and ‘X Flies’ all sound the same. Great songs but all pretty safe and generic. Chris should be swimming against the stream of current artists making something classic and groundbreaking. something thats deeper than linking girls.
    Maybe talk about how it feels to have everyone pre judge you, having to turn to drugs to cope, describe love to be more than an physical attraction, talk about what makes him mad…… just be honest and open. he’s the only one stopping himself from creating something amazing. ‘Fine China’ ‘Don’t think they know’ were good but were again made only using 10% of his musicality.


    fatiima_cb Reply:

    @wonderland19, I couldnt agree more! Im a massive CB fan but hes just sticking to the same topics… Hes just so talented and its upsetting to see him stick to the same subjects.


  10. Matt Kisseih

    Im a fan, its a good song but its not strong, however the music has no substance to it, all its about is smoking weed and sex same with Loyal.


  11. Matt Kisseih

    made a mistake lol not ‘however’ but *and. He needs to listen to top albums RnB ones like and gain inspiration. I remember when he said he wanted to make music like Miguel’s Adorn i.e Soulful RnB music.


  12. Deejay

    Weed, money, girls, weed, weed, basic, girls, weed, basic, basic, basic.
    Same shit, different hair dye. Bye Chris!!


  13. Gaz

    Love More was much better. Beat sounds too generic and similar to Don’t Think They Know


  14. jason

    “i can’t win” is one of his best records


    jnet Reply:

    @jason, I can’t win is absolutely one if his best songs with a great beat and @wonderland yes he should be more honest and open about his feelings for his girlfriend not just how he wants to fuk n all this about bud but he’s been on probation for years makes u fonder if he treats his charges like a joke. I’m such a huge cb fan but he really needs to open up more about more personal stuff n he will b legendary. I like “I can’t win because we knows it is to rihanna” I like the music that is like an olden day love letter but put on the radio now for her to hear its nice getting a peak into their souls


  15. Yeezus Christ

    “lick you like a swisher” i absolutely hate the new druggy chris brown


  16. nwhat

    go back to prison


  17. will

    Sick tune


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    Tenant Screening || New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Wildcat’

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