Jay Z Fan Raps and Asks for Record Deal at Chicago Show

Monique and Jay Z

Jay Z is making more dreams come true. After inviting 12-year-old Justin to rap for him on stage in Greensboro, the Roc Nation mogul gave another fan a second shot at impressing him (via TMZ).

During his “Magna Carter World Tour” at Chicago’s United Center on Thursday night, Hov brought up 19-year-old female MC Monique, who previously rapped for him at the “Blueprint 3″ tour when she was 16.

After expressing the hell she went through to get to the concert, the confident teen grabbed the mic and gave it her all.

“You gotta be quiet so I can rap for him. I’m tryna get signed tonight and shit,” she told the crowd before laying down some bars.

While Jay didn’t offer her a record deal, he did respond with some encouraging words.

“You just told your whole entire life story, huh?” he said. “I would’ve done the same shit. Fuck that. It might not happen again.”

He gave her a big hug and said, “I love you,” before she made her way off stage.

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  1. pma6thsense

    She did good! But I don’t think it was good enough to get signed…


  2. monica

    he only let her on that stage to take up some time because he too darn old and tired to finish the show


    Teezus Reply:

    @monica, or maybe (just maybe), he wanted to pay back to a fan? I dunno


  3. ppp

    smart move .. i will do the same mows on stage


  4. ppp

    kidz wass even smarter


  5. ppp

    yehoova is some smart dude even if he is lying


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @ppp, please don’t call him that…it’s blasphemy


    Future Reply:

    @2bad2bme, JayHova, Yeezus, Godson.

    u mad?


    Andy Reply:

    @Future, 2bad2bme was talking about calling him smart lmao


    Free Spirit Reply:

    @2bad2bme, Some like it hot, don’t mind going to hell… LOL… They’re just blasphemous fools… P.S. Jay Z can probably mold this chick to a phenomenal MC like he did with Foxy, but who knows… She was decent.


    wreiad Reply:

    @Free Spirit,
    He’s a fool because he does not believe in hebrew fairytales? Not sure why you think one specific culture from a specific part of the world has all the answers. Cultural diffusion at work, people.


  6. chicago

    I was at this show last night it was mad real. Jay was like security stand down, yall paid yall mf money stand in the seats get in the aisle, hell ill pay the fines, i got it..lol I have so much respect for him..mad real.


  7. Ready 4 da Yolas

    BET she thought that Jay-z would give her a record deal just by showing her rapping skill on stage to him plus this is everywhere on other website too


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