New Music: Doe B f/ T.I. – ‘Why’


Last month, Alabama rapper Doe B was killed during a club shooting in his hometown of Montgomery. In the wake of his tragic death, CBM and Hustle Gang have debuted a previously unreleased song from the 22-year-old called “Why,” produced by Soopa L and co-produced by Bao Pham aka CLASSIC.

On the chilling piano-driven track, Doe raises some questions about life, while his Grand Hustle boss T.I. salutes his protégé.

“It ain’t over though, Doe. I got you partner. You worked too motherfuckin’ hard. We ain’t gon’ let that shit go to waste,” says Tip.

R.I.P. Doe B.

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  1. Ice

    Oh, so now they choose to release his music after death but they couldn’t promote him while he was living.


    Pusha F Reply:

    @Ice, i said the same, i do feel bad when we black people our youth or talents die on the street people forget them like speed of lights.


    shema Reply:

    @Ice, you dumb ass he had a great mixtape out called babay jesus and some new songs with dro and shad da god to promote his upcoming album so top talkin shit about something yu don’t know about


  2. gwen

    @ ice, sometimes you have to do ur research b4 u speak on things. He was getting ready to release his album a few days b4 he passed he was being promoted in a lot of ways smh R.I.P DOE B


  3. COLBY

    REST DOE B…….


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