New Music: Trey Songz f/ Jeezy – ‘Ordinary’

Trey Songz and Jeezy

Trey Songz doesn’t do basic. The R&B heartthrob celebrates the finer things in life—women, liquor, and money—on his cocky banger “Ordinary” featuring Jeezy.

Trigga gets his boast on, singing, “Don’t you hate an ordinary ni**a / Drinking out ordinary liquor / Ni**as spending ordinary money / We don’t never f**k with basic bitches.”

The “Na Na” singer was recently spotted working with Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri.

Hear him go from “Ordinary” to extraordinary.

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  1. Ordinary

    Fitting title. Very ordinary radio song.

    I swear… theres absolutely no creativity or originality left in RnB. You cant even consider this guy RnB anymore.

    Same generic bs about fcuking women and drinking. Smh.

    I know dudes gotta get paid, but Trey was the man back in his I GOTTA GO days. Real music.


    Thumbsdown Reply:

    @Ordinary,this is straight up wack lyrics.


  2. harmony

    Nice and hot



    His music is becoming really basic and repetitive.


    er Reply:

    @GREEKGOD, becoming? nigga is straight trash.


  4. Jasmine

    I Love it! The beat is crazy, and to put Jeezy on the track… PRICELESS!! I love my baby Trey on WHATEVER he does.. If you not a fan, keep it movin! Don’t waste yo time typin negative shit.. Keep doin you Trey baby!! All these “Ordinary” hatin ass people.. Lol. #TreysAngel #SweetAndShyAngel


  5. elizabethpharrison

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  6. BS

    I was feeling Nana but this is just straight up trash, even Jeezy’s verse was trash


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