New Music: Justin Bieber f/ Blake Kelly – ‘Broken’

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber won’t be defeated. Despite his recent troubles, the pop superstar remains resilient and he’s singing about it on “Broken,” a new song off DJ Tay James’ mixtape We Know the DJ Radio 4.

“I cannot be broken / They can’t take what’s mine / Someone like me is hard to find,” he sings, while DMV rapper Blake Kelly adds a verse.

The tape also features recent songs from 2 Chainz, T.I., Nicki Minaj, and Drake.

Listen to Bizzle triumph against adversity.

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  1. Here 4 it

    Thats right baby boy. Keep ya head up.


    Oh Reply:

    @Here 4 it, No fuck that. Justin set his self up to be in the position he is in. Unlike Chris Brown, Justin WANTED to be a trouble maker. Throwing eggs at houses, fighting paparazzi’s, etc. Justin isn’t a victim


    Pilar Reply:

    @Oh, And Chris didn’t want to be a trouble maker? Knocking the shit out of Rihanna, homophobic slurs and fighting Frank Ocean, Twitter beefs every other day, punching a man in the face, etc. Give me a break … Chris Brown is no victim either.


  2. Charlene Dashy

    I’m just not feeling Justin’s new voice. Its not strong enough or somthing lol. Nice production tho. Good luck :-)


  3. someone

    retiring huh :D


  4. sara

    man,he’s strong! & his new voice is really good!


  5. Waloid

    Dope Strong shit


  6. Will

    I like Biebers music far more now than when he was the squeeky clean little shit. I like him more now that he’s just a regular little shit lol


  7. Maria

    His voice tho<3 I love him so much nd always will
    His music is just getting better nd better<3


  8. Dee

    Love you Rap Up for keeping it positive with JB.

    So much of the crap thrown at this kind is about latent racism.

    Stay strong Justin, you’ve made your mistakes and we all have.

    Track is bad-ass.


  9. Fhuzee



  10. Mao_the_cat

    Link is down. “This song has been removed from audiomack due to a DMCA complaint.”


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