Video: Harlee f/ Akon – ‘Dream Warriors’


Laurieann Gibson reintroduces herself as Harlee, the captain of the dream warriors, in her dance-heavy new video. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Lady Gaga’s former choreographer shows off her fierce moves and six-pack abs while leading her tribe of dancers in a choreographed routine and singing words of encouragement.

“We lift you up,” sings Akon, who appears alongside Harlee as chief of the village.

Gibson, who previously released one-off singles including 2012′s “Last Chance,” has signed a deal with Akon and Justin Timberlake’s manager Johnny Wright.

Watch her forge a new path in the video below.

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  1. Lp

    Auto tuned mess of a song. Stick to dancing girl singing ain’t for everybody


    it's me Reply:

    @Lp, she’ll most likely outlive you.


    bossUP Reply:

    @it’s me, Well good for her. It still doesn’t change the fact that this song is terrible though.


    Rob Reply:

    @it’s me, stfu u fool this song is garbage


    YoMansKeeper Reply:

    @Lp, Yess, and it’s giving me strong Dawn Richard teas except Dawn does it better.

    & She looks like an older version of Angel Haze

    it’s just a mess.


    trac-e Reply:

    @YoMansKeeper, yeah sounds like dawn should be singing it.


  2. ABoomBoomKack4YoLyfe

    1.) I Refuse to call LaurieAnn Gibson, “Harlee”.

    2.) I’d be more apt to call the song Dream Warriors (Ft. Akon)- by LaurieAnn Autotune.

    3.) Of course the choreography was on point….

    4.) There’s just something about her look that doesn’t come across well on camera. She looks like a stand in for the real Artist. Like this is just a run through to mark all of the camera shots.

    But, Do your thing LaurieAnn!


  3. Supreme

    I kinda like this. BUT…She needs to get rid of the Harlee name it just doesn’t make sense to me


  4. DUNDun

    love the visual. song is actually good. BUT.. Janet Jack and/or Dawn Richard would of MURDERED this! dance and vocally (no autotune of course)


  5. Jordan

    I came in here ready to talk shit but this shut me up quick. Laurie Ann/Harlee whatever you’re calling yourself today, this is hot. Nice visual, nice song even though I could do without the EDM part.


  6. CurtisDonDeano

    Don’t wanna do the dawn comparison, but its evident.
    love this video, hate the jordans -___-


    Ekko Reply:

    @CurtisDonDeano, lol yea those white kicks are killing me, it makes her look really casual. That aside, this is trash and I love it!!


  7. Too Skinny

    Is she really THAT thin?


  8. Jordan

    I was ready to come in here and talk shit but this shut me up quick. Laurie Ann/Harlee whatever the hell you’re calling yourself today, this is hot. The video is great. The song is nice. I just wish it didn’t have that EDM crap in it.


  9. strong face

    Laurie anns face looks mad strong like very manly lmao. Doesn’t look good on camera.


  10. Thekingsupremee

    why does she sing through her teeth….come on gurl, lip sync the fuk out of the song!


  11. Tonya

    Boom Kat is doing the most.


  12. Jo

    For some reason I kept wanting her to turn into Ciara whose voice would totally suit this. But she did okay. Too bad we already know she’s Laurie -Anne the choreographer though…Good luck girl.


  13. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    That was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

    First of all Lauren doesn’t even sound like that so that’s how you know this shit is autotoned to the max. Her acting was bad and she keeps looking at the camera with her eyes big as hell and grinning at it. This was just a hot mess, and the only good dancing part was at the start with the guys then it went down from there. Just stop it Lauren! I ain’t calling your ass Harlee neither. And this shit said “To Be Continued” at the end so that means she gonna keep this up? Oh god…

    Maybe she was just trying to make a Pop/Dance song for some quick money, but it failed!


  14. K dot Marie

    WHY, WHY, LORD WHY???? Laurie girl, I mean Harlee Girl. Have a seat! Not good. :/


  15. K

    i am not a big fan of auto tune, but the overall song and video i like.


  16. finally

    so good. and finally crap up is sharing a song with a postive message and not fully of illuminati symbolism.


  17. KRaw

    Love it! This is a great, uplifting dance vibe and I hope she is at EDC!


  18. muzikxxx

    wow, even the dancing sucks on this. Good thing Gaga fired her. This was the same mess she was giving her.


  19. abdou

    dirty music akon is the best singger in the wordwild


  20. MTB Fan

    Dear Laurieann Gibbson,

    Please stop. No one even understands what “Harlee” is nor ever will. I would like to think that I speak for a multitude of people who would respect you more as an artist if you went by your real name which is Laurieann Gibson. You have already won the hearts and respect of many through your work with “Diddy/P. Diddy/Puff/Puff Daddy/Puffy/Sean Combs/Whatever name he is currently using now” on multiple seasons of his show “Making the Band” as well as for your work with Lady Gaga during her “The Fame Monster” tour/music videos but you are going the wrong way with this project. You have continued to display your ability and passion as a dancer but as a full on entertainer you are not bringing the full package. As much as people would like to see you win I am not saying that you should stick to only being a dancer/choreographer but being a recording artist is not translating well with your gifts you can share with your fans. Try harder using less auto-tune (because the message is admirable) or try your hand at something else.
    P.S. I am by no means a hater.


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