Video: Trey Songz – ‘Na Na’

Trey Songz

Oh na na. Trey Songz gets physical in the sex-drenched video for his DJ Mustard-produced single. In the black-and-white clip, directed by Gil Green, Trey’s girl fools him into thinking she’s looking for an engagement ring, but ends up leading him to a secret gym in the back of a jewelry store.

The hunky heartthrob changes into his gym clothes before being put to the test by his sexy female trainers, lifting cinder blocks, doing push-ups, and boxing. Eventually one trainer, played by Dominican model Rosa Acosta, demands that he remove his shirt and get down on the floor before rewarding him with a steamy make-out session.

The song is set to appear on Trey’s upcoming sixth album Trigga, due June 30.

See Trey work up a sweat in his sexiest video yet.


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  1. King

    The bella twins…really Trey? If you want people to actually take you seriously then stop giving people calling your album “Trigga”…i’m trying hard to be a fan, but you make difficult.


    Doom Reply:

    @King, Shut your lame ass up. Ain’t nothing wrong with the Bella Twins. Lame ass hoe.


    Formerly From Tokyo Reply:

    @Doom, Nothing wrong with them….except they suck. Literally and figuratively. No-wrestling-skills-having “wrestlers.” smh


  2. Doll Ambition

    yesssss! I love this songgggg! I didn’t mind watching him ;)


  3. Mordecai

    I love this song but the video didn’t really do it for me. I expected that secret passage to lead to a club. Lol.


  4. Mr. Fye

    I like this song but I usually love all his shit. Chapter V did nothing for me so I really need him to come harder with singles


    Ice Reply:

    @Mr. Fye, Agreed, Chapter V was horrible overall, apart from 2 or 3 tracks.


  5. poe

    I’m wit it


  6. meme

    what the eff is this. this is such a hype song, why a workout video. I wasnted to see ass shaking and dancing. Very weak video. Does nothing for the song


  7. Sydney

    I live the song I’ve been waiting for this sconce December and now it’s here it looks like an insanity workout tape good song loved chapter v can’t wait for trigga but this isn’t all that great srry trey


  8. Riot

    what the fuck is done


  9. D-Lon

    Needs to change a little bit on his choices on singles…
    Since Ready Trey Songz has been sounding the same, i dont see evolution from him musically. Great Voice though, and this single is just Alright, you only pay attention to it cause you are familiar with the Chorus, the rest doesnt take that much of your attention… Ladies will love the video cause he is shirtless, boys eventually will watch it cause of the lady that has great atributes…


  10. JD

    That booty at the end when she’s dressed as a police woman. Damn.


  11. LaMont

    Rosa Acosta is the leading lady in the video. Her body is riDONKulous!


  12. mens workout shorts

    Nice Video


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