New Music: Bow Wow – ‘Aim to Kill (Freestyle)’

Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg

While he holds down his hosting duties at “106 & Park,” Bow Wow fires off his “Aim to Kill” freestyle.

On the two-and-a-half-minute track, Snoop Dogg’s protégé claims bragging rights, boasting about his 20 years in the business (“Young legend in your presence, you should bow to me”), his daughter’s cushy lifestyle (“Pull up to daycare in a Wraith”), and his bank account (“I make $200 thou a month off ’106′”).

Hear Bow flex with his flashy flow.

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  1. @MrJeromeTrammel

    Who Is Bow Wow? He Hasn’t Been Hot Since He Cut His Braids & Thought He Was A Hardcore Rapper!


  2. Cali kid

    Lies, lies, and more lies! It’s okay Bow Wow we’ll pretend to believe you!


  3. NY

    Bow to you? Boy bye! Don’t lose your day job at 106


  4. Jerome Trammel

    Bow Wow This Is Very Weak! How Could You Be Making $200,000 But Can’t Pay Your Car Note & Missing Child Support Payments? You’ve Been Known To Lie About Stuff You Don’t Really Have! You Haven’t Been Hot Since You Cut Your Braids!

    - @MrJeromeTrammel


  5. thedon

    Didn’t even know this dude was still rapping…


  6. Hov

    Lol he calls himself a legend and posts pictures of him with every popular rapper he’s met and acts like he’s super cool with everyone and just thinks he’s the sh*t when hes broke LOL


  7. DRB

    Wasn’t he having child support issues… and legend… not even. Don’t make me dislike you.


  8. John Kirvin

    Who tha Fuk is Bow Wow, oh yea that cat off of 106&Park. that cat suks at rapping


  9. king Cairo

    The niggaz issues ar solved he’s makin cash again nd he’s gettn popular again


  10. IamDumfiasco

    How dumb are you guys?? Bow is a legend! I mean. . . . Are you mad?? Bow sold Records and made millions at a young age. How ungreatful you are?? Believing internet rumours of Bow being broke. The guy has worked damn hard! Shut the fuck up!!


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