Video: SZA f/ Isaiah Rashad – ‘Warm Winds’


Fresh off the release of her EP Z, SZA liberates the video for “Warm Winds” featuring her Top Dawg labelmate Isaiah Rashad. In the grainy and artsy clip, which she directed with APLUS FILMZ, the first lady of TDE becomes one with nature, running through a field and walking down a deserted path as the wind blows through her hair.

In an interview with Vogue, the 24-year-old New Jersey native spoke about her stunning natural look.

“I grew up Muslim, and wore the hijab through middle school,” said SZA. “The only girl that I could look to for natural hair inspiration growing up was Lauryn Hill. I wanted dreads but my mom wanted me to wait until I was 16, by which time I didn’t want them anymore.”

Strike up SZA’s enchanting visuals below.

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  1. Mandela Barb

    I love this bitch.


    @AveryVenture Reply:

    @Mandela Barb,

    She and Jheine Aiko are the textbook examples of girls who can’t really sing or write, but since they’re so attractive and thus marketable people support them.


    T Reply:

    @@AveryVenture, but you was just on the Jhene Aiko post giving a negative dissertation too. Wonder why.

    I agree about their lack of vocal strength but won’t deny they have some degree of vocal talent (more Jhene than SZA), but both have interesting approaches to music In terms of lyrics, themes and melody and artistic vision.

    Hard work will bear talent every time when the chicks that can SANG are generic and/or lazy.

    I think these same people forget that Aaliyah and J. Lo were no vocal dynamos but look at what they achieved without writing and being more product than artist.


  2. Mandela Barb

    Boss Ass Bitch


  3. eddy

    this is the boom. she is a beaut


  4. VoiceofReason

    @ Avery

    You’re the textbook example of a hater who yaps off at the mouth about shyt you don’t know and have not researched before making an ASSumption.

    Both young ladies are beautiful. Both have vocal talent. Both write their own music. Both are artist with a vision and don’t rely solely on a team to create and mode them into what will sell.



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