Kelis Performs ‘Jerk Ribs’ on ‘Letterman’


To celebrate the release of her sixth album Food, Kelis served up a hot performance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Tuesday. Rocking big hair and big pants, the singer belted out her Dave Sitek-produced single “Jerk Ribs” with a full band.

Kelis will kick off her first national tour in over four years on June 2 in San Francisco. The seven-date stint will stop in cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, and New York before wrapping June 15 in Washington, D.C.

Catch Kelis’ dazzling late-night set below.

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  1. TrinaFan

    What a great performance! Kelis is amazing! Love her new album!



    She always stays true to herself, and never produces the same repetitive sounds or looks.


  3. kate

    she dressed like solange ugh


    Paul Reply:

    @kate, before there was Solange, there was Kelis. Don’t disrespect the forerunner to all these copycats out there


    holler Reply:

    @Paul, amen!
    These young kids never do their homework!
    We deserve the fake stars we have today.


    lmaoAtHaters Reply:

    @holler, Yes we do deserve these fakes lol!! To say Kelis is trying to be like anyone is the most foolish thing ever. Kelis is one of the most original artists in the last 15 years.


    Trillafood Reply:

    @kate, the funniest and dumbest comment I read today. Kelis dress like Solange? How insulting lol. Kelis is a trendsetter hunty before Solange even knew anything about fashion. Get your facts straight, dyke.


    Stuart Bailey Reply:

    @Trillafood, why she got to be a dyke tho? Its her personal opinion.


    GreatKelis Reply:

    @Stuart Bailey, personal opinion?
    Based on what?
    Sick and tired of these kids callig every drag queen in front lace and styled by their stylist pimps in leftover Mugler ”everything”… not knowing who the people are these so called ‘Queens’ steals from, calling Kelis a ‘Solange lookalike’ not knowing what impact she has had on R&B, Pop,Rap!
    Sick and tired of the new generation being force fed with shitty overexposed artists not knowing who paved the way before them!
    Artists who peak too early and wouldn’t even last 5 years if it was not for the men they open their legs to!
    I do like Solange but comparing her to Kelis, In fact anyone to Kelis- is just plain dumb. …an Opinion I don’t need to hear!


  4. Kyle

    Kelis’ music is so refreshing and I personally think she has gotten a lot better as a performer over the years. This music on her new album really suits her. “Food” is an amazing! “Runnin” and “Change” are my favorites so far.


    glenn Reply:

    @Kyle, i love “Runnin” and “Change”, they are so good, the whole record it’s amazing.


  5. YUNG



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