New Music: The-Dream – ‘Black’


In the wake of Donald Sterling’s racist remarks, The-Dream speaks out on a new song entitled “Black.” The singer-songwriter pens a powerful track about the injustice in the world and its alienating effect, while the lyric video shows images of civil rights leaders and historic events.

“I feel real black right now, real black right now,” sings Dream over the marching instrumental.

He ends the video with a message: “Black isn’t just a color. Black isn’t just a race anymore. It’s a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite. Classism is the new racism.”

Hear The-Dream’s inspiring anthem below.

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    “you got me feelin’ real black right now” i love the dream


  2. Major Sushi

    He’s really talented, to be honest. Very talented in writing & producing. But the “You got me feelin’ real black right now” sounds a bit too much.


    it's me Reply:

    @Major Sushi, you don’t get it.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @it’s me, oh i get it. it’s just a mouthful, to me. that’s all.


  3. Elijah

    That was dope! love the message, love the song, love the artistry.


  4. Kimbo

    Real music!


  5. TruthORG

    This foolishness needs to stop…. This is a man who is a proud promoter of sexism/internal racism in the music industry; not only that…. he is saying classism is the new racism… yet that defeats the purpose as he is a member of the 1%.


  6. phillydoinit

    Shed a couple of tears watching and listening to the video and song. The Dream is so talented.


  7. kobe

    “Classism is the new racism.” – Kanye West


  8. joey

    Why does he need to say “real black right now.” he could have subbed out black for something not so ignorant. People like him are the reason that there are opportunities for racism


    Britt Reply:

    @joey, While I can’t speak for the artist, The-Dream probably used the term ‘black’ with out even thinking about it. ‘Black’ is how we describe ourselves in terms of our broad spectrum of color, the term is most relatable. People of color or minorities are politically correct descriptors that don’t feel real like ‘black’ especially when referenced in music. Even with the best intentions, those words are typically followed by statistics and other “factual” information that do not contribute to an engaging conversation.

    Opportunity is a such a positive word that you have incorrectly and distastefully used in your effort to give reason as to why discrimination occurs. Discrimination of any kind is ignorant and unacceptable. Of course, as human beings – we may put ourselves into vulnerable situations.But an opportunity is a welcomed prospect and racism does not fit the bill.


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