Iggy Azalea Talks No. 1 Album and Cleaning Houses on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Iggy Azalea and Chelsea Handler

Hot on the heels of her debut album The New Classic, Iggy Azalea stopped by “Chelsea Lately” on Tuesday for some girl talk. The comedienne congratulated the Aussie hitmaker on becoming the first white woman to have a No. 1 rap album.

“I’m sure Eminem probably did it a few times. I’m the first white person with a vagina,” said Iggy, whose single “Fancy” recently went platinum.

When she was 16, Iggy moved to Miami on her own to pursue her career. While she didn’t graduate from high school, she did get her GED. But she hopes one day she will be able to get an honorary degree.

After dropping out of school, she paid her bills by cleaning houses (She once found poop on a doormat).

But you won’t find a mess at Iggy’s house. When it comes to cleaning, she’s OCD. “My own house, I’m really anal about and people hate that,” said Iggy.

See her chop it up with Chelsea below.

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  1. Jay

    Love Iggy!!!! <3


  2. D

    She don’t give Grand Hustle any credit.


    JoJo Reply:

    @D, She’s not even signed to them.


  3. JFB



  4. JFB



  5. Andy

    Iggy’s cool. Congratz lady



    Nice. Fancy went platinum? Kudos to that!


    KENBARBUK Reply:


    And it’s also #2 on the Hot 100

    She’s doing her thing :)


    K.I.N.G Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, lol it’s number 3. tryhard


    john Reply:

    @K.I.N.G, lol u late, she’s 1 behind #1


  7. Iggy Stan

    Iggy is slayinggggggggg this is the rise of iggy and fall of nicki finally a new female rap chick bye nicki lmaooooooo
    #lil kim


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Iggy Stan, Lol @ you listing Trina. Trina been calling herself “Da Baddest Bitch” for over 10 years & her album sales & inconsistency says otherwise.

    Girl bye with this flop ass album.


    Rob Reply:

    @Iggy Stan, Girl bye. Iggy is a white copycat


  8. nah

    famous cuz she an attractive white girl more than her lyrical skill and performance


  9. Bitches In Paris

    The album is #1 because nobody important is out yet. Lmao @ the album being called “The New Classic” more like more trash. Boring ass, fake ass accent, repetitive lyrics & no substance behind it.

    Only because she is white with a fat ass. Nobody barely bought the album LOL. She couldn’t even do Nicki numbers her first week sales.



    StuckInBarbraq Reply:

    @Bitches In Paris, lol when nicki couldn’t go platinum with that pop mess y’all were like “numbers don’t matter” she’s the queen blah blah lmao that new single reeks of failure.. Ignorance is bliss please take a seat sir.. and wait fr the FLOP PRINT #byefelicia


  10. Melo

    What a sad state rap is in that she’s called a rapper or even hip hop. Her stuff is pop, her lyrics are wack, she sounds like a parody act doing a Saturday Night Live skit. The success of acts like her and Macklemore is proof that the record industry (and a lot of fans) are racists who are trying to whitewash every genre including rap. At least have the decency to push someone with lyrical skill.


    Oh Reply:

    @Melo, Why does this have to be a race issue tho? You people are so ignorant if you think hip-hop should only consist of people of color . It’s 2014 not 1980


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