Video: Nina Sky f/ Smoke DZA – ‘Stoners’

Nina Sky

You don’t need to pop molly to experience the trippy effects of Nina Sky’s intoxicating video for “Stoners.” The duo, consisting of sisters Natalie and Nicole, take viewers on a psychedelic journey through the streets of New York, and link up with supreme stoner Smoke DZA.

“The video was about portraying the song’s psychedelic vibe instead of building a storyline,” Natalie told Dazed. “We wanted the viewer to feel that stoned feeling.”

The Sky NDGO-produced track, which samples oOoOO’s “Break Yr Heartt,” was released in April.

Catch their high.

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  1. gagging

    I love them .
    The first album not so much.
    But the last mix tape was on my heavy rotation.
    Creative, different, classy and catchy…
    All the things my generation does not pay attention to!


  2. Amerie_All_I_Have

    this is hot! i met them once, they’re very down to earth and cool…


    Yeezus Christ Reply:

    @Amerie_All_I_Have, everyone is down to earth thanks to gravity



    Love these girls. I wish they did more tho.


  4. A.R

    this is my jam. this is a hit if they get airplay


  5. Yeezus Christ



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