GIANT Show Volume 2 Recap

This past Tuesday night, Club Cielo in New York City was host to the industry’s finest at the GIANT Show Volume 2. Universal Records and GIANT Magazine aimed to promote up and coming reggaeton artist Zion (formerly of Zion and Lennox), who spit over some beat-heavy tracks, swaying an especially tough crowd to a heavy beat. Guests, warmed from a few drinks, grew dense around the stage after Zion finished a few of his new tracks.

Ms. Mya was up next. Full of energy, she performed a couple of her newest hits (click here for videos of her performances) as well as a couple of classics by request. Dressed to kill in red and black, the singer didn’t feel the necessity to go overboard in her style, the way many females in the biz are so tempted to do these days. Her mischievous grin caught not only the gentlemen’s attention, but the ladies as well as they were feelin’ her brand new anthems of female empowerment. Mya has never been the one to remain passive on the topic of what she deserves from her man—and it stays evident throughout her latest efforts.

Swizz Beatz closed the show, amping the crowd up to the rowdiest level of the evening as he bumped his own album’s bangers as well as some classic Swizz-produced tracks. The evening’s events tapered off and many left the party with a new appreciation for Mya’s ability to actually sing live as well as a chance to experience her well awaited comeback.

Reported by Rajul Punjabi in New York