U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Represent Rap-Up

L to R: SPC Leonard Foutz, SPC Rodriguez Gustavo, SGT Bryan Davis, SPC Roberson Ronell, and SGT Ricky Butler

We want to send a special shout out to our loyal servicemen representing Rap-Up overseas. The U.S. soldiers of Unit Call OM6 are currently on duty in Iraq where they provide security and logistical support in the Baghdad area.

“We get together in our spare time to read and talk about the hip-hop world thanks to Rap-Up,” writes SPC Gustavo, who is pictured holding the magazine’s latest issue with Christina Milian.

Thanks to SPC Gustavo and the rest of his team for all the sacrifices they make on our behalf. Come home safe.

Call OM6 on duty in Iraq

Call OM6 on duty in Iraq