Ciara and Chris Brown

Ciara On Why She Kept Chris Brown Track

With the felony charges facing Chris Brown, artists have been confronted with the question of whether they should sever ties with the R&B singer. Ciara is speaking out exclusively to on why she chose to keep the collaboration with the troubled star on her album.

After allegations surfaced that Brown beat Rihanna, Ciara considered cutting “Turntables” off her third album Fantasy Ride. “The song is on my album now,” she tells about the Danja-produced track. “You take your time and process it, but I have to keep the focus on the music ’cause that’s what it’s about for me.”

Despite the backlash against the “Run It!” hitmaker, Ciara decided to include the song on her album. “The record sounds dope and I feel good about it. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the album. I had to keep it the same. I’m sticking to it just being about the music in this case. What happened with them is personal and I don’t really know everything. All I know is I love the record.”

As far as her personal opinions on the situation, the Atlanta songbird remains neutral. “I can’t really comment on it, especially because nothing’s clear. I just can’t comment on the situation ’cause I don’t know everything, and I just think it would be better if I didn’t.”

Listen to the labelmates’ collaboration when Fantasy Ride drops on May 5.