Erykah Badu Takes to Twitter to Clear Paul McCartney Sample

Erykah Badu can testify to the power of Twitter. With only hours left to turn in her new album, the micro-blogging service played a pivotal role in helping her get a sample cleared by Paul McCartney.

The neo-soul singer put out a call on Twitter asking her followers if they had any connections to the Beatle. “See the deal is im trying to clear a paul McCartney sample and i hear lenny [kravitz] knows his daughter stella and maybe i can connect w/ her …,” she tweeted. “If i can talk to PAUL MCCARTNEY i can get the sample cleared .. have less than 24 hours or song wont make album . help . it will happen!!”

She reached out to Lenny Kravitz, his daughter Zoe Kravitz, Chester French’s D.A. Wallach, Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary, and McCartney’s own daughter Stella.

The clock was ticking as the deadline drew closer. “9 hours to connect with paul mccartney GO!” she wrote, before seemingly getting a hold of Kravitz. “Thanks everybody ! Almost got Lenny … Let’s Go!!!”

At 10 a.m. EST Thursday (Feb. 25), Badu accomplished her mission. “Paul McCartney approved the sample . Cleared!!!”

The song will likely appear on her fifth studio album New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, due March 30.

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