Robin Thicke’s Father Loves ‘Sex Therapy’

Robin Thicke’s father, “Growing Pains” actor Alan Thicke, is his son’s number one fan. However, the proud papa, who will become a grandfather for the second time when his son has his first child this spring, didn’t pass on his musical skills to the R&B crooner, but he did offer something else.

“I couldn’t teach him much about music, so I encouraged his hobbies,” he tells “Today” host Hoda Kotb. “I’m a TV dad, I thought it was ‘Sax Therapy.’ I thought this was duets with Kenny G. But no, everybody’s naked [in the video].”

The elder Thicke admits to listening to his son’s music on a romantic evening. “I’m an unabashed fan. Robin Thicke is a great artist. Ordinarily when you’re getting your cuddle on, you wouldn’t want to hear your son’s voice. That’s usually the enemy of love. But in this case, it is romantic. It’s not like he’s singing, ‘Go daddy go!’ It’s a mood setter.”