50 Cent

Q&A: 50 Cent Talks 'Invitation' Tour

  /  05.29.2010

50 Cent

50 Cent kicks off his “Invitation” tour tonight in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit. The slimmed-down star spoke to staging-rapup.kinsta.cloud on the eve of his first U.S. trek in three years to discuss what fans can expect, why he chose to perform in smaller venues, which city he’ll play with a live band, and whether he’ll debut any new material.

You’re back on the road. What do you have in store this time around?
I’m excited about it. I went through my material. Of course, I want to perform some of the new stuff, but I want to make sure I also hit music that they’re already familiar with at the same time. It’s creating a balance for me. I gotta absolutely change my setlist for the U.S. because they’re so current that I can perform things that they haven’t heard before and they’ll understand the vibe of the music and follow me with no problem. Meanwhile, when I’m touring [outside the U.S.] where the music is breaking a language barrier in different territories, it’s difficult for people to follow what my choices are.

You’re used to performing in arenas. Why did you decide to play more intimate venues on this tour?
I actually wanted to change the show because in an arena setting you got one presentation. In Los Angeles, when I’m there, I’ll be performing with a live band ’cause I chose that market to do something different. In each one of the markets, I have different artists coming to support. Now after your second show, your entire performance is on YouTube. This is my first time touring in the U.S. in three years, so I said I want to do a tour with venues that allow me to keep changing things all the way through and then maybe later after this run, I’ll go back again. I’ll have a new record, a new album coming out, and I’ll do the bigger venues and set up a bigger tour.

Are you planning to do any material from the next album?
I may. I still have a few songs that I wanted to finish up before I start introducing music. I don’t mind using some of my newest material ’cause I feel like it’s the hottest thing that I’ve done. I actually don’t release music if I don’t feel like it means something. I have music at home that I feel is personal that will only stay on my iPod and in my headphones. I don’t feel like everyone else would understand artistically why I chose to write those things. I just keep it to myself.

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