Video: RichGirl f/ Fabolous & Rick Ross – ‘Swagger Right’

RichGirl delivers a message to the fellas in the arresting video for “Swagger Right,” the new single from their forthcoming debut. The R&B quartet, comprised of Brave, Lyndriette, Seven, and Audra, released a video for “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho)” last year, but haven’t been heard from much since. This time, the sexy ladies brought along familiar faces Fabolous and Rick Ross, who calls them the “finest female group since En Vogue.”

The curly-haired Brave described the video’s direction. “This video is much more organic than the first one,” she said of the Colin Tilley-helmed clip. “You really get to see Brave, you get to see Seven, you get to see Lyndriette, Audra, who we really are. If you were to take us in a hotel room on a Friday night or at the house and just put a camera in, this is the video you would catch.”

Step into RichGirl’s world below.