Keri Hilson Opens Up to Cee Lo Green About Love Life

  /  12.01.2010

Keri Hilson and Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green puts Keri Hilson in the hot seat during an interview on VH1, grilling the sexy singer on what she considers to be her breaking point. Sitting across from one another, the pair discusses what it would take for her to reach her limits when it comes to a relationship and uses her friends as examples of where she would draw the line.

“Every person has one,” says the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer, who is currently on the dating scene. “My breaking point… I mean, there are many. We, as women, are such hopeless romantics, and I know I’m one of them and I tolerate a bit more than I should just wanting to make a relationship work. Just wanting to be held at night. Wanting to be on dates and be a woman, you know?”

Miss Keri also shares that a few of her girlfriends have experienced relationship snafus that she’s unsure she would tolerate. “If we’re in a committed relationship, not only do you step out and cheat, you had unprotected sex and had a baby out of the situation. That is like the ultimate. ‘OK, you cheated? Maybe we can work it out,'” she explains. “So a child is born of this side relationship you had, and I just probably could not do that.”


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