Jay-Z and Canterbury Boys

Jay-Z Surprises Students on ‘Oprah’

Jay-Z’s found a friend in Oprah Winfrey. While on U2’s 360° Tour in Sydney, Australia, Hov paid a visit to the Queen of Media to tape a segment for her “Oprah’s in Australia: Wildest Dreams” episode, grabbing a seat next to Winfrey on a stage outside of the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Taking a cue from the hostess, Jay made a surprise visit to the Canterbury Boys High School after a teacher wrote a heartfelt letter. “I just want to say I’m living proof of the possibility [that] anything can happen once you apply yourself, and the fact that you guys are here in this school right here serves as the opportunity. So don’t let that opportunity go to waste,” he told the students, who each received a copy of his memoir Decoded.

Watch Mr. Carter drop in on the unsuspecting students.