Miguel Tells Other Artists to Stay Out of His Lane

  /  06.06.2012


Miguel has a stern warning for the competition: Stay out of his lane or he will “f**k you up.” The R&B crooner is taking a tough stance when it comes to his music and those who try to imitate his style.

The 25-year-old is currently in the studio working on the follow-up to his 2010 debut All I Want Is You. “It’s definitely a progressive album,” he told Mina SayWhat on Philadelphia radio station Power 99. “I would describe it as being progressive in the sense that I’m taking a lot of my more alternative influences and incorporating them.”

Over the past few months he released his trilogy of Art Dealer Chic micro EPs to give fans a taste of his new direction. “‘Adorn’ is a great segway because it’s very soulful, but still has some alternative elements,” he said. “I think that’s what makes it really cool. It’s a very honest representation of where I’m at, but it’s just a segway.”

But those who attempt to adopt his sound should take caution. “I’m just gonna say, ‘Don’t nobody out there step into my fu**in’ lane. Stay where you’re at,'” he warned. “I’m a competitive person and what I’m saying is I’m solidifying my lane and don’t fu**ing come over here ’cause I will f**k you up.”

He explained himself further. “I want everyone to express themselves in a unique way. I’m saying that in an aggressive way ’cause that’s how I really feel, but what I mean by that is find your own thing to do and create your own lane.”

Don’t expect many features on his sophomore album. “I’m a man who wants to stand on his own two feet. I don’t need a fu**ing co-sign. I don’t need that shit,” he said, while adding, “I can’t tell you who I may feature on this next album, but I guarantee you that it will be unexpected.”


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