Rick Ross Explains Origins of Dr. Dre, Jay-Z Collaboration ‘3 Kings’

Rick Ross had hip-hop heads salivating when he dropped “3 Kings,” his collaboration with Dr. Dre and Jay-Z on Thursday. Now the Maybach Music boss explains how he got the West Coast and East Coast icons together on a song.

During an interview with Funkmaster Flex, Rozay said a mutual friend of his and Dre’s put them in touch. “I actually spoke with D.O.C. from the West Coast and D.O.C. told me Dre was a huge fan,” he said. “I’ve been a fan of big homie’s and I had been expressing that openly for while.”

Ross invited Dre to his hometown of Miami in January. “I got on the phone with Dre, he kept his word, he came down to Miami,” he explained. “When he walked into the studio for the first time, I was just so excited. We knocked out five songs that first night. I feel we made some incredible music.”

He learned a thing or two from the legendary beatmaker. “Homie gave me a lot of tips. That’s the big O.G. I really admire him.”

Jay-Z was originally supposed to appear on another record off God Forgives, I Don’t, but when Ross came up with the idea of putting all three on a song, he rang up his “big bro,” who came through. “When it comes to Jay, that’s my family. I respect dawg. I’m a soldier for life.”

Rozay promises that “3 Kings” is only the tip of the iceberg. “That’s just one of many. God Forgives, I Don’t is the biggest and best album of the year,” proclaimed the Bawse. “Whoever would have imagined East Coast, West Coast, Down South on one album? That’s what it’s about in hip-hop. That’s what the culture is about. That’s what the boss brings you.”