Dawn Richard Unveils ‘Goldenheart’ Cover Art, Tracklisting

The queen of the Hearts, Dawn Richard, marches ahead with her solo career on her full-length debut Goldenheart, the first in a trilogy. The former Dirty Money diva strikes a sexy pose against a rock on the black-and-white cover. Following the release of her iTunes-topping EP Armor On, Dawn serves up 15 tracks including the previously released “Pretty Wicked Things” and first single “’86,” which will debut on September 26.

“The last six years have been a battle for people to understand and conform me into what they really want me to be and I’ve kind of had to protect that throughout this whole journey,” said Dawn, who split with Bad Boy Records earlier this year. “It’s kind of the story of me protecting this Goldenheart, which really kind of symbolizes my own heart and my passion for this music thing and really who I am.”

Goldenheart arrives on October 16, with BlackHeart and RedemptionHeart to follow. See the tracklisting below.

GoldenHeart Tracklisting

1. “In the Hearts (Intro)”
2. “Return of a Queen”
3. “Goliath”
4. “Gleaux”
5. “Northern Lights”
6. “Pretty Wicked Things (PWT)”
7. “Frequency”
8. “War-Faire”
9. “Tug of War”
10.” Ode to You”
11. “86”
12. “In Your Eyes”
13. “Break of Dawn”
14. “300”
15. “GoldenHeart”