Machine Gun Kelly Meets His Idol DMX

Even rappers have their favorite rappers. Machine Gun Kelly got to meet his idol DMX and documented the life-changing experience in his Lace Up Documentary.

“Today’s such a big day for me as an artist ’cause I get to meet my favorite artist and the person responsible for me even rapping in the first place,” says MGK, who emulates X’s signature growl.

Three hours later, X finally arrives. “Wow! It’s a pleasure, man,” he says, clearly enthused to meet the young upstart. “I don’t feel like that about many rappers. Your energy is crazy.”

MGK expresses his admiration (“You are the person responsible for my entire career”) before the two hit the studio to record “D3mons,” a dark collaboration for MGK’s debut Lace Up, due October 9.

“I wonder what Puff’s gonna think when he hears this,” says the Bad Boy rapper in the clip, which features footage from his Rap-Up TV interview.