The Preface

New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Goldenheart’ [Album Snippets]

The time has almost come. With a week to go until Goldenheart arrives, Dawn Richard releases snippets of her full-length debut on what she calls The Preface. The 16 tracks include the singles “’86” and “Pretty Wicked Things,” along with plenty of anthems for her Hearts. You can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

“The last six years have been a battle for people to understand and conform me into what they really want me to be and I’ve kind of had to protect that throughout this whole journey,” said the former Dirty Money member. “It’s kind of the story of me protecting this Goldenheart, which really kind of symbolizes my own heart and my passion for this music thing and really who I am.”

Dawn has also teamed up with eyewear designers Coco and Breezy to create an exclusive pair of sunglasses. The Goldenheart shades are one of the new styles from Coco and Breezy’s new “Omorose” collection. Repost on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #CocoandBreezyGoldenheart to win some cool prizes including dinner in New York City with Dawn.

Get a taste of what Dawn has in store come January 15.

Goldenheart Tracklisting

1. “Intro (In the Hearts Tonight)”
2. “Return of a Queen”
3. “Goliath”
4. “Riot”
5. “Gleaux”
6. “Pretty Wicked Things”
7. “Northern Lights”
8. “Frequency”
9. “Warfaire”
10. “Tug of War”
11. “Ode to You”
12. “86”
13. “In Your Eyes”
14. “Break of Dawn”
15. “[300]”
16. “Goldenheart”