Nicki Minaj and Ellen

Nicki Minaj Gets Sexy Underwear from Ellen

  /  09.26.2013

Nicki Minaj and Ellen

Nicki Minaj put it all on display during her visit to “Ellen.” The sexy superstar showed up wearing a revealing top, which prompted Ellen to offer her a bra.

“I hate bras, don’t you? Bras are like the devil,” said Nicki.

After one season on “American Idol,” she parted ways with the show, but she has no regrets. “I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It was a great learning experience, honestly,” she said.

Ellen presented her with a thong and a G-string. But even Nicki was unsure about the racy underwear. “This might be a little too much for me,” she said.

Watch Nicki’s reaction to Ellen’s gift in the sneak peek below. The full interview airs on Friday.

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