Satellite Flight

Kid Cudi Reveals ‘Satellite Flight’ Cover, Tracklisting

Kid Cudi has unveiled the cover art and tracklisting for his album Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon. The digital edition includes 10 tracks, with an appearance from Raphael Saadiq (“Balmain Jeans”).

“This is just the digital release track listing,” tweeted Cudi, who designed the cover himself. “New jams will be added for the physical, kind of like a extended ‘Directors Cut’!”

The Need for Speed star didn’t announce an exact release date, but previously said that it would drop sometime in February.

Satellite Flight, which includes production from Dot Da Genius, serves as a prelude to Man on the Moon 3.

“It’s all attached to the story,” he explained. “When Man on the Moon 3 comes out, you’ll be able to play this EP and segue into Man on the Moon 3. It will be a seamless connection.”

See the tracklisting below.

Satellite Flight Tracklisting

1. “Destination: Mother Moon”
2. “Going to the Ceremony”
4. “Copernicus Landing”
5. “Balmain Jeans” feat. Raphael Saadiq
6. “Too Bad I Have to Destroy You Now”
7. “Internal Bleeding”
8. “In My Dreams 2015”
9. “Return of the Moon Man (Original Score)”
10. “Troubled Boy”