Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Blasts Radio Station After ‘Wifey’ Comment

Keyshia Cole came close to slapping a bitch like Rick James after a radio interview went awry.

The outspoken singer called into V103 Atlanta’s “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” on Monday to promote her new singles “Rick James” and “Next Time.”

She fielded questions about her relationship with estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, but things took a turn for the worse when host Wanda Smith asked her is she felt like “wifey material.” Keysh wasn’t having it and cut her off.

“Ya’ll really fu**ing with my shit right now,” she responded. “I got some other shit going on.”

Wanda tried to explain her question, but it was too late. “Are you trying to insinuate that I was one-dimensional?” asked Keyshia, later adding, “Now I’m ready to smack a bitch.”

Before ending their call, Cameron invited her down to the studio to play her album, but she was clearly not interested. “I’m not dealing with you, you crazy,” snapped Keyshia.

Once she got off air, she took to Twitter to put the radio station on blast. “Y’all can kiss my ass! With that phony shit. … Y’all should be ashamed of ya selves! Not cool. Never another interview from me!” said Keyshia.

“I’m done wit interviews for a minute! That interview with V103 left a very bad taste. And to be honest, I don’t deserve that kinda treatment.”

Listen to the heated conversation below.