K. Michelle and Mary J. Blige

K. Michelle Meets Mary J. Blige

K. Michelle has called Mary J. Blige one of her inspirations, and she finally got to meet her idol this week. During her visit to Power 105.1, the “Love ‘Em All” singer professed her love to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, who happened to also be in the studio.

“Hi Mary,” said a nervous K. “I’m K. Michelle and I really love you. I really, really, really love you, and I thank you.”

“You made me want to be a singer. I thank you for everything. You are absolutely amazing,” she said with tears in her eyes.

The ladies gave each other a big hug and Mary told her, “You have an amazing voice.”

K continued praising her. “I one day hope to have half the career that you have,” she said. “You have touched so many people and to stand here with you today, that is unreal, and I just want to say thank you…and I’ma keep stalking you.”

Watch the emotional moment below.