Jeezy Cleared of Illegal Weapons Charges

Jeezy has been exonerated. The Atlanta rapper has been cleared of all charges in relation to his wrongful arrest over the summer.

In August, Jeezy and five members of his crew were taken into custody after police raided his tour bus and found an AK-47 and a Glock. The weapons turned up during an investigation into a shooting at Wiz Khalifa’s concert in Mountain View, Calif., where a man was killed.

According to TMZ, the Orange County D.A. made the motion to dismiss the charges and the judge agreed. Authorities were aware early on that the case didn’t hold any merit.

The two guns, which were purchased legally, were owned by Jeezy’s security chief, who was not on the bus.

Authorities held all six people on $1 million bail, even though the recommended bail for that offense is $20,000. All defendants sat in jail for four days until bail was reduced. Their personal items were seized, even though it had nothing to do with the alleged offense.

The AK-47 that was seized was legally purchased and the property of Jeezy’s security chief. DNA results confirmed that all six people arrested didn’t even touch the weapon.

Following the dismissal of charges, Jeezy released a statement. “I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence,” he said.

“Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today. While my team and I always knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts, the rush to judgment by both the media and the police has been extremely disappointing. I’m relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans.”