50 Cent Takes On YouTube Commenters

50 Cent is taking on the wide world of YouTube commenters for Noisey’s “The People Vs.” series. In the hilarious video, he reads a series of comments posted on his “Candy Shop” video, and responds to their praise and complaints.

“What the f**k is CGI? I was trying to be creative for your dumb ass,” he says after reading a comment complaining about the special effects in the video.

“No matter that the f**k you do, you’re never going to make everyone happy,” he adds. He also goes on a short diatribe about the rise of Southern hip-hop, and how it’s affected dancing in music videos after reading a comment waxing nostalgic for rap before twerking.

He reserves his most withering response for a commenter who observed that “the lollipop is the dick.” “Yeah,” remarks 50, sarcasm dripping from his raised eyebrows, “I think you got it.”

Watch 50 face his social media critics.