Chief Keef

Chief Keef L.A. Concert Shut Down, Moved to Parking Lot

Yet another Chief Keef hologram concert has been shut down, this time because of a dispute between Keef and the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. Originally scheduled to take place inside the venue on Friday evening (Sept. 18), the Bang 3 Hologram Fest will now take place in the parking lot.

Fonda Theatre canceled the concert after disputes between representatives for the Chicago rapper and theater employees.

According to The Wrap, Chief Keef filed an LAPD complaint against a member of the theater’s staff who allegedly assaulted one of his crew members on Sept. 16.

“AEG and the Fonda Theater have continued the shameful cycle of blaming hip hop and the artistic expression of urban youth for their own corporate malfeasance,” said Alki David, president of FilmOn.TV, the company throwing the hologram concert. “This follows Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s attempts to silence Keef and scapegoat him for his city’s complete inability to solve the war-zone like crisis on the South Side, and on the Madison Square Garden Company’s bumbling attempt to back out of a tri-city peace concert to benefit the family of a murdered baby.”

Keef has had concerts in Chicago and Indiana canceled by police because of concerns about violence. His response to this latest dispute was succinct: “fuck Henry Fonda and fuck jane Fonda too,” tweeted Keef, who released Part 2 of his album Bang 3 today.

The all-ages festival, celebrating the release of Bang 3, will be held from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and feature laser tag, live music and art, and surprise hologram performances.