Swizz Beatz Raves About Kanye West's 'Waves'

  /  02.02.2016

What will Waves sound like? Swizz Beatz has worked on Kanye West’s highly-anticipated LP, due Feb. 11, and he’s giving it a rave review.

“I had the pleasure of working on a few tracks for the album,” the super-producer told Billboard. “It’s one of the best albums I heard him produce in a while. It’s a sound that I think is very enjoyable.”

The “Monster,” who worked with Yeezy on “So Appalled” off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, hopes fans can separate the music from other distractions (i.e. Kanye’s feud with Wiz Khalifa).

“The sonics and the things that people are gonna hear—I think they should connect to it, like close their eyes [away] from all of the B.S. and think about the music when you listen to the album ’cause it’s a lotta noise outta there,” he explained. “When you’re that popular, there’s gonna be a lot of noise but sometimes, we gotta put the headphones out, get away from that noise, and really listen to the craft and I think that he has a great piece of work on his hands.”

Kanye himself has been less modest, calling the follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus “the best album of all time” and “album of the life.”

When he isn’t working on music or helping Kanye craft an album, Beatz is collecting art, something he’s been doing for a decade.

“A lot of my peers used to laugh at me, like, ‘Oh he’s putting paintings on his wall. He’s going crazy,'” Swizz said. “Those same people have the same amount of paintings on their wall now, which is cool, but I realized it was important for me to let people know art is cool.”

Swizz recently partnered with Canon for the 25th anniversary of their Rebel camera. Their “Rebel with a Cause” campaign was meant to showcase emerging artists. Meanwhile, Beatz is also building his impressive collection of art known as The Dean Collection.

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