Fetty Wap and Young Thug

Fetty Wap Says He and Young Thug Could Make an Album in One Night

Fetty Wap and Young Thug could make an entire project in “probably a night,” according to the “Trap Queen” rapper.

Zoovier, who’s currently on his “Welcome to the Zoo” tour, made this declaration during a recent interview. However, the two aren’t actually working on an album at the moment.

“We’re both moving right now,” he told Clique. “Whenever we both got time to sit down and really go in…Whenever I be in Atlanta, we always together. I’m always in the studio with him. He don’t push the issue. I don’t push the issue. We just cool. We just two artists that fuck with each other.

“When that time comes,” he added, “I guess we’ll get down to it and do that shit, but as of right now, we’re just making music. It ain’t nothin’.”

Fetty has been busy with his own career of late. Not only is he on tour, but he also dropped a new song called “Instant Friend” yesterday.

Watch the interview and read more highlights from the convo below.

On his efficiency: “I’ll book the studio for like seven hours. I’ll come out of there with damn-near a mixtape.”

On writing songs: “So many words go through my head. I snatch them out, put them together and figure out how to say it.”

On success: “A lot of people say that I came up overnight. People don’t know I was out pushing ‘Trap Queen’ for two years straight. If two years is overnight, that’s a long-ass night.”

On Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Kanye West co-signs: “It made me feel like I did my job. Everybody got a job to do. Making people know who I was was my job.”

On “Trap Queen’s” muse: “That was like 2013. I never talked about her before. There was no reason to. [‘Trap Queen’] was enough talking.”

On inspiring a young fan with a prosthetic eye: “He was going through the same thing and now he just be cool with it. I didn’t really try to be a role model because there ain’t no role models where I come from. Let’s just say my role model didn’t make music.”

On investing in the stock market: “It started with my accountant. He basically showed me things I could be doing to try to make money on the side, the legal way. Once he was showing me how to work the trades, how to know when to sell and when to buy, when to trade off, it just became an interest to me. I started liking it. I’d catch myself on my phone, just trading all day. Now it’s just a habit. I’ll set out a time of day, for two hours straight, I’ll just trade.”