OVO Sound’s dvsn Announces Debut Album

dvsn, OVO Sound’s newest signee, has announced that its debut album Sept. 5th will be released on April 1 through Drake’s imprint and Warner Bros. Records.

The 10-track project is set to feature previously released songs including “With Me,” “Too Deep,” “Hallucinations,” and “The Line.” One might expect Drake to be part of this release too, however no guests are currently listed on the iTunes tracklisting.

The album comes shortly after dvsn announced their partnership with Drake’s label last month. While it’s unclear who is behind the mysterious group, some have speculated that it includes producer and Drake collaborator Nineteen85, who’s tweeted about “the line with the two dots” in the past.

Sept. 5th Tracklisting

1. “With Me”
2. “Too Deep”
3. “Try / Effortless”
4. “Do It Well”
5. “In + Out”
6. “Sept. 5th”
7. “Hallucinations”
8. “Another One”
9. “Angela”
10. “The Line”