Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith to Be Honored by Environmental Media Association

  /  09.28.2016

After gifting his mother with a gold grill for her 45th birthday, Jaden Smith is about to receive a gift of his own from the Environmental Media Association.

On Oct. 22, the multi-talented star will be honored with the Male EMA Futures Award during the 26th Annual EMA Awards ceremony in Burbank, Calif.

Jaden says he’s proud of the recognition for his commitment to raising awareness around environmental issues with JUST Water.

“It’s important for everyone to know that you can make a difference no matter what obstacles you think are in your way,” said Smith. “After seeing the amount of ocean pollution and the effect it was having on marine wildlife, I couldn’t stand there and do nothing about it – I knew I had to take action.

“By packaging water in bottles made from paper and plant-based plastic, JUST water is reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse emissions while helping to preserve the environment,” he added. “With the Male EMA Futures Award, our voices are being amplified and we’re making a difference. Having the support from an organization that shares the same values as me makes the future more optimistic than ever.”

Recently, Jaden has been promoting JUST Water more frequently, but it didn’t start that way. In fact, he’s been behind the scenes with the company for almost seven years now.

“We wanted to organically grow as a company without saying ‘Smith family water,'” he recently told PEOPLE. “Because it’s really not that — it’s water for the people.”


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