Test Drive

New Music: Riff Raff feat. Wiz Khalifa – ‘Test Drive’

Riff Raff goes on a joyride with Wiz Khalifa on the feel-good anthem “Test Drive.”

Handling hook duties, a mellow Mister Cap reflects on positive vibes throughout the melodic chorus. “It feels good, riding around like it’s a test drive,” he sings. “It feels good rolling up the weed to get high / It feels good hanging out with the gang all night / It feels good knowing that everything’s all right.”

Meanwhile, Jody Highroller comes through with punchline-filled verses about his appreciation for codeine both in his coffee and in his pop.

“Syrup in my soda keeps the chip off my shoulder,” he raps. “Every year I get older, my wrist gets colder / My chain keeps changing weather, it’s bi-polar / Jody Highroller!”

“Test Drive” is a single off Riff’s Aquaberry Aquarius effort with DJ Afterthought. The project, which is available for pre-order now, is set to drop Jan. 30.

Riff Raff is currently prepping Peach Panther, a film featuring G-Eazy, Problem, and Mally Mall, among others. According to the Neon Icon, the movie will be in theaters worldwide this fall. Watch the trailer below.