Future Opens Up About 'HNDRXX,' 'My Collection,' & Fatherhood

  /  02.23.2017

Before dropping his second album in two weeks, Future sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for part two of their Q&A.

“It’s a special time for me and music,” explained the “Draco” rapper. “I’m glad we got a chance to put everything out, the way we did it, the way we set it up. Me to be able to give this second part to Future, which is Future HNDRXX, I believe it’s spectacular. I’m excited for the fans.”

According to Future, this one will be quite different from the self-titled LP, which is set to top next week’s charts.

“I believe HNDRXX is more personal,” he said. “This is the Honest album I was supposed to have been honest about. When it was time to have the Honest album [in 2014], I was like, ‘Okay.’ I was just using it as a title instead of being able to actually be honest in the music. This is it. This is HNDRXX. This is me opening up and letting it all out so I can moved past it and certain things, I won’t have to speak on it again.”

One of the songs Future will be candid on is the Metro Boomin-produced opener, “My Collection,” a “special” cut that apparently may ruffle some feathers.

“It might get attention,” he said. “It might get more attention than I want it to get, it might get attention I thought it wouldn’t get, it might get the wrong attention, it might get great attention. Who knows? I just know it’s a song I feel good about. I feel great about everything that I’m saying. Whenever you deliver on tracks, to not hold nothing back, and this is me not holding anything back…People might react to it different. They might tweet about it different. Or however somebody might think it’s directed to them…I hate that I have to be the person that touch on their life and be personal and direct with certain situations but I’m glad it’s me than anybody else.”

While “My Collection” is said to be personal, Hendrix says he hopes others take from it as well. “It made me express myself,” he said. “I feel like anyone can relate to something on the song. It’s not just for me…I don’t quite frankly think it’s touching on one specific person. I feel like it’s for everyone who can relate.”

According to Future, he was able to make so much music in such a short time span because he’s “obsessed with making music” and “addicted to the studio.” But that comes at a cost. At times, it’s kept him away from his children, Prince, Londyn, and Future Zahir.

“You gotta sacrifice so much, even the times with your kids,” he explained. “You have to just do music and you’re becoming this entertainer and so many people require so much of your time for different things, different obligations you have to make money, or just different obligations you have as a person in whatever the situation may be. You gotta leave town and miss out on certain things, that you feel like you should be there. Like, your dad should be a part of this moment. I gotta be like, ‘Damn, man, your daddy really a superstar and entertainer.’ My kids gotta understand, they gotta make a sacrifice, having a superstar dad. My career choice is my career choice. Just stepping out of that zone, to be able to be a provider. I understand my position as a provider and my role as a dad also…Just being able to be comfortable with it. Everybody wanna be a super dad and the best dad ever but sometimes, I’m just realizing that I’m not perfect.”

HNDRXX, a follow-up to last week’s Future featuring Rihanna and The Weeknd, is due Friday (Feb. 24).


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