New Music: Wale – ‘Shine Season’

“Shine Season” is officially upon us.

Wale has announced that his new album SHINE is now set to drop a week early on Friday (Apr. 28). With just hours until its release, he liberates “Shine Season.”

Bouncing all over the track, Folarin rhymes about a slew of topics, including his rightwing nemesis. “Tammy Lauren, I ain’t ready for you,” he raps. “All the Beckys want an Uncle Tom Sawyer.”

Purposely mispronouncing conservative pundit Tomi Lahren’s name, Wale continues an ongoing feud that started on “Smile.” At the time, Wale rapped: “Maybe I should meet Tammy Lauren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her / Train her, she miseducated anyway / Probably hates the color of my face.”

Tomi responded to the track by pointing out her name’s correct pronunciation. “So if you’re gonna put someone in a song…diss ’em.. perhaps get their fricken name right next time @Wale,” she tweeted. Wale’s response? “Ok Tammy.” Lahren went on to reply: “Ok Whale.”

Catching wind of Wale’s latest reference, Tomi added: “Again? Damn must be in love.”

Originally scheduled to drop May 5, SHINE is now slated to arrive at midnight. Prep for the album — which is set to feature Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott — with “Shine Season” below.