J. Cole

J. Cole Drops Surprise Verse on Logic’s ‘AfricAryaN’

Spoiler alert! Logic’s new album Everybody, which dropped on Friday (May 5), closes with a surprise appearance from J. Cole.

The Dreamville boss, whose verse is hidden as a voicemail at the end of “AfricAryaN,” seems to start off by spitting from Logic’s perspective: “I will pen verses that fans consider brilliant / Boosting my ego with every million that spills in / And still then, I won’t find solace, so where’s the logic in that? / Worrying ’bout if they think Logic could rap / When it all goes back to a childhood, need to be loved / By parents that was in too deep with the drugs.”

Soon, Cole turns into an advisor, offering his take on how Logic can tackle some of his issues with his upbringing. “Your trauma is deep,” he raps. “Don’t bury it, you should weep / And clean it out of your system, then truly forgive ’em / Just my opinion, only then can you find peace.”

But that’s not all, Jermaine also provides career advice. “I’ve been through it before / Can only share with you what I know / To be true, but at the same time, I’ll never be you / And you’ll never be me, no matter how hard that you try.” Finally, he adds: “Fuck approval from strangers, that shit is dangerous as hell / Find God, learn to accept yourself.”

Everybody is Logic’s third major label studio album and it could be his second to last. On Friday, he told Genius that he is calling it quits after his next LP. “It’s going to be the story to end all stories, including my own,” he said. “And then I’ma go fucking act and get this money. Shit. Or I’m just going to be a husband, take care of my puppies, have some fucking kids, and just enjoy life.”